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Thursday, July 10

1. i killed a roach. no, not the monstrous one that i tried to trap with a cup... just a lil quarter-incher who was skedaddling in the sink. there's a couple who live in the dishwasher, but i don't know how to dispose of them.

2. ice cream galore...monday's dinner started w/ a buster bar from the dairy queen. roasted peanuts, fudge, and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate. almost overkill. the meal concluded with a square of ice cream. passable, but not comparable to the buster bar.

3. i think everytime i eat w/ prof sigmund, i manage to stuff myself silly. for dessert, we both had lemon pound cake with butter brickle ice cream, and a blueberry tart.

4. how is it possible to keep a stocked kitchen w/o soy sauce? in chinatown, no less. unbelievable.

5. it might be time for something salty....we will see...


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