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Wednesday, July 2


opera in the square.

(beanie, if only you were here. we were only a hop, skip and a jump from your place. AND we found good parking!)

Pucini, Verdi, Wagner. All very enjoyable. how can you go wrong w/ da barber of seville?

but we really got a kick outta hearing He's Got the Whole World being sung by a mezzo-soprano.

we laffed and laffed.

new gripe: MICE.

you may THINK you know all the living bodies in a room...

oh no.

I can't stand it. the tinkling inside the walls...

the rice is staying in the dishwasher fo' shizzles.

really, living in Chinatown is not so much fun sometimes.

and the street i have to walk on to get to school...stinks to high heaven. this heat HAS to abate.

Godhavemercy. Please, please make the mice go away. and the roaches, too.



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