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Tuesday, July 15

in keeping w/ the list format:

in response to the spoiled pets in NY, i am appalled for several reasons.

1. they have better health care than i do.
2. they used to let pigs "scavenge for garbage" until a sewer system was started
3. they actually have signs that say: Dog are just children w/ fur. almost makes me want to get up on a soapbox...except that's not why i blog.

in light of why i's something more along those lines...

ice cream goes really well w/ stuff that's still pies, brownies, cookies, tong shui, etc. Today i ate coffee ice cream w/ a chocolate chip cookie. It was excellent because i heated up the cookie, but it makes the ice cream melt faster than usual. Of course, that's not an unusual phenomenon, but it did stress me out a little bit, b/c you can't slow down to really savor each bite. B/c i don't like to "drink" my ice cream, so you have to eat it faster than the rate at which it melts at. unless you are willing to sacrifice your ice cream. which i am not willing to do.

possible solutions:

1. change brand of ice cream. Edy's (aka Dreyer) is lovely, but it does melt rather quickly...probably the high fat content.
2. make a bigger serving size...then would i be more willing to sacrifice...probably not...scratch that idea.
3. don't do anything while eating it....then you can focus your full attention to the ice cream and not lose any of the moment. probably that will work best.

**hannah, you'd better be reading this and enjoying it as i strove to blog for your amusement. AND you'd better leave a worthy comment, lest i become discouraged and leave no more entries.


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