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Sunday, March 20

IMBB #13: My Little Cupcake (or muffin)

i give you...sourdough muffins.

ok, they were supposed to be sourdough blueberry muffins, but once again, student budget kicks in...i have no blueberries, neither fresh nor frozen. i thought of chocolate chips, bananas, even raisins, nuts, but i just left them plain.

they're not super sweet, which is as advertised, but when i used all purpose flour (king arthur, how can i use anything else when i'm in Vermont?) they seems saltier to me...don't know why. but they taste very wholesome, and i'm quite pleased with them and unwilling to bring them to a potluck...

do they LOOK like they want to go anywhere?

at any rate, this is a SUPER way to use up a cup of sourdough starter...which is quite proliferative...probably cuz i feed it madly a couple of weeks ago...and now my bread corner looks like this...

(here, you can see the muffins w/o the whole wheat flour. and my attempt at a whole wheat loaf in the basket...meebe i can be parted with that, but i'd really rather not. ;)


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