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Saturday, May 10


the flight back was a series of inventive sleeping positions which invariably became uncomfortable. on the first leg of the journey, i was seated next to this poor kid who'd never flown before and had little concept about sharing spaces. but at least i didn't have to sit next to anyone on the second half of the trip.

we (the family) went to IHOP in the dead of the night, b/c i was hungry and my dad said there was nuthing suitable to feed me at the house. ok. i think he just wanted to take us out. sometimes, i think he gets cuter w/ age. we end up ordering a skillet, an omelette, and hash browns. all of which came with two short stacks of buttermilk pancakes. that's fine. i just want to eat pancakes. i've waited a LONG time for pancakes. then my dad says, do you think that's enough? let's get the pancakes with bananas. (sorry, Youd, don't be overly grossed out, it's worth the read, trust me.) and we're like i think we have enough. and he goes, i dunno. and then we know...he wants to try the pancakes with bananas. so we tell him to order it. he gets this little twinkle in his eye and he's like, yeah, it comes with bananas. and nuts. and then we know...he REALLY wants to try the pancakes with bananas...and nuts. and then when it comes, he eats some and says: It's good. It has nuts. and then he passes some to my mom who tries it and goes: mmm, it has nuts. and then he offers some to me and says: it's good. it comes with bananas...and nuts. my sister and i really enjoyed this portion of the meal.

this is the first time i've been able to blog about me and my sister, come to think of it.

closing note: I LOVE my bed. I LOVE my space invader sheets. basically, i LOVE my bed.


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