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Tuesday, May 6

yesterday was a very funny day. it was PIMP(pee in my pants) funny. things really got started AFTER 9:30pm. the game of skip-bo and the dinner of taco dip and tostitos was lovely, but not funny. we were driving home through downtown and there was this construction worker talking to a couple of other construction workers. For whatever reason, this pot-bellied man started circling his arms like he was swimming and shuffling his feet like he was doing the running man. i couldn't believe my eyes. we laughed SO hard.

steph told me a story about when she and her aunt went to a baseball game and the hotdog vender dropped a hot dog into her aunt's lap. just the hot dog part. yep, you got the right picture. then he picks it back up and puts it back in with the rest of the dogs. another great laugh. we looked pretty crazy walking down the street, laughing fit to die.

then when we got into the elevator, this forty-something lady gets out wearing a little shirt that says HOTTIE on it. again, fit to die for. what's with these people? don't you know that those shirts are for little runty kids?


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