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Thursday, May 29

documentation of an odd day:

1. woke up on the wrong side of bed. almost late getting out the door for work due to anti-grumpiness routine.
2. blithering idiot. lack of verbal coherency in communications with patients. very bad.
3. to eat or not to eat? perhaps dinner will have redeeming qualities.

positive points.

1. did not get flipped off at work today.
2. ate salt and vinegar Kettle chips.
3. Janet is a responsible friend. i like responsible people. they make me happy.

new words in the English vocabulary: (according to front office staff)

1. moronity: noun. the mental state of a moron.
2. prussard: noun. a nicely appointed porch. with foliage. (per Florence)
3. plapluiot: noun. a state of excited frenzy. (per Daniele)


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