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Wednesday, May 28

the SF Chronicle can be quite interesting...

this kid in San Lorenzo:

1. runs around in circles.
2. got an arranged marriage.

that is the bulk of the article. a couple of opinions: first of all, he collapses after he runs. that's drastic. second of all, he just skips all the 'pre-marital rites' of dating, etc. this means alot of things. let's say that you and your parents are in agreement, none of that runningawayfromhometobejoinedwithmytruelove deal. this means:

1. no major decisionmaking regarding life partner.
2. you could blame the marriage on your folks.
3. no constant preening to maintain whatever is going down the drain anyways.

ok, that's an odd number. i'm going to quit while i'm ahead.


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