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Monday, May 26

due to the overwhelming gravity these days, i've decided to take time and effort to contribute some levity towards life in general:

1. my dad and i watched Justice League on the cartoon network.
2. we ate Coldstone's ice cream: coffee ice cream with a Heath bar mixed in. (tankyou, grace)

if you are grossed out by 'sensitive' topics, you may quit now, i'm going to expound on hair removal systems...(just want to shake things up a bit, b/c it's obviously NOT related to food in any way, shape, or form)

1. just tried Nair for the first time: overall evaluation: painless, but not really worth the lack of effort. my first thought: this is like a bad shaving job. or the 'five o'clock shadow' and it's kinda stinky. it's only worth it for those who fear the razor or the pain of waxing.
2. waxing: ahhh, this is not as cut and dry perhaps, but effective, well worth the effort. once you get the hang of it, it doesn't take that long either. if you get into in, you might find the whole process highly satisfying.
3. shaving: quick, though potentially risky. offers instant results, though not long lasting. but with a fresh razor, incredibly effective. swup, swup, swup, and you're done. the end.

that's the end of all forms of experimenting with hair removal for me. i've no interest to try bleaching, electrolysis, etc.


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