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Saturday, May 24

despite my policy (and external impedences) to watching tv, i've actually managed to follow the last three episodes of 24. Jack Bauer's adventures last for 24 hours. most of us aren't active that long generally, but occasionally, we are. this occured to me because I was 'activated' for 24 hours. 24 plus, come to think of it. this is unusual because i generally regard being in such a position as unlikely, undesirable, and unfavorable.

However, i learned some interesting, important things and since 'sharing is caring'...

1. On foggy mornings, the showers at the pool are COLD. You need to shower fast and employ cold-shower protocols.
2. ABC does not show weird dating shows or paid programming in the dead of the night. You can watch a talk show, Oprah, and lots of news.
3. Blood sugar level typically drop around 5 or 6 am. You will be hungry.
4. During the last couple of hours, operating vehicles (and heavy machinery, i suppose) is inadvisable. You could turn out worse than Mr. Bauer
5. At the Cheeseboard, the 'Wolverine' is fairly tasty. You would have a wider selection if you carried more than a dollar though.
6. Alameda is not a good route for going from Oakland to Berkeley. You should be familiar with actual, not theoretical freeway entrances.
7. Honey is good sweetner in a marinade. You can't taste test the meat if you are a vegetarian though.

More interesting points are logged in my little brain, but seven is a good number to end on. Even is not so good. An interior designed confirmed that design generally revolves around odd numbers. i think i read somewhere that pairs are ok.


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