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Monday, May 19

commentary on this morning's news:

the man who won the Bay to Breakers race finished in 35 minutes and 11 seconds. that 'jog' around the City is 7.5 miles. when i used to run around the Lake, which is 5 miles, it would take me 45 minutes. this means he was going quite fast, on average: 12.5 mph. technically, twice as fast i would be going at about 6 mph. in general, it is quite impressive, taking into account the hills. that's like when grannies are driving in the slow lane at, say, 50 mph, and this crazy NASCAR wannabe goes zipping by at 100 mph in the fast lane. i am a fact, these days, i'm probably a great-grandma-runner.

this nudist couple who ran the race brought their baby. except that the baby doesn't get to go nude, she wears diapers. b/c the mom said it gets too messy when the kid goes naked. haha, can you imagine...


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