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Saturday, May 17

my good laugh for the day:

gifford and i went to watch dragonboat racing per audrey's invitation. audrey teaches at Lincoln high school and helps coach their dragon boat team. so we are standing around the grassy lawns where all the teams are camped out. some kids are playing around with a volleyball which inevitably gets lost in our direction. our bright friend audrey decides to give it whack with her foot. not such a bad idea, except that it goes whizzing by all the kids and into the street. audrey's clever response: oops...sorry. gifford and i thought the whole thing was hysterical. audrey's an excellent teacher/coach otherwise. wouldn't it be sketchy if she coached volleyball?

my baking for the day:

chocolate almond sugar cookies.

more potential baking long as my cousins' kitchen is stocked to handle our baking agenda.


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