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Wednesday, May 14

Highlights, so far:

1. i just landed one of the highest paying jobs of my life...which wasn't too hard considering I pretty much got paid crap for everything else i've ever done.

2. the local school pool is the yuckiest pool i've ever swam in it. this old lady bossed me outta my lane. flat out told me: i'm swimming in this lane. ok, lady.

3. driving after four months, more or less. been back less than a week and i've driven three different cars. it was great starting off with the stick, but i think it aggravated my poor joints. o well, back to public transportation.

4. starting off the cookbook project w/ honey wheat bread. yum. note: must purchase another loaf pan

5. sampling audrey's kitchen. i dined on: cuties (ice cream sandwich), artichoke/feta dip, lemon cookies, blueberry bread, pretzels, shrimp chips, etc. on top of which, we made yam fries, bruschetta and chocolate chocolate-chip mint cookies. i gotta visit again soon.


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