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Monday, May 12

the food's been grand, but i think it's stressing out my stomach to eat so well. it has NOT been the happy camper.

the newest thing i tried: fish stomach in soup. yum. i liked it. i really did.

the sweetest thing i ate: lunardi's mango ice cream

the heavenliest thing: dark chocolate: 72% cacao. Lordhavemercy. how DOES my granny get such things, i don't know, but i love hanging out in her kitchen.

first official function completed: mother's day. we mainly celebrated by eating w/ the usual family crowd. i had fun hanging out w/ my granny who offered advice about boys. i forgot what she said, b/c i was mostly trying to egg her on. o wait, something arising out of the murky recesses of my little noggin... something along the lines of:

granny: do any boys like you?
me: no. but what about if i don't like them back?
granny: that's ok, you can like them later on.

good job, granny. she's clearly a diehard romantic. she cracks me up. a practical sort of lady, my grandma.
this was probably only entertaining for a selected few. if you are one of them, laugh it up. if not, sorry for the disappointing read.


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