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Sunday, January 23

my new way to define when it is C.O.L.D.

1. does your hair freeze in a short walk outside?
2. are your ears so cold, they hurt?
3. are icicles forming in your nose because your mucus is freezing?

even if you answer one out of three, it qualifies as C.O.L.D.
my favorite right now is icicles in my nose. I'm looking at a ten day forecast on, and on Feb 1st, they are FINALLY predicting that we will be hitting the mark of above freezing temperatures! it's remarkable! It will be SO warm! :D
it's ridiculous, i know.

Tuesday, January 18

today's high: 1 degree.

my whole window...GONE.
what can i see? ice. ice. ice.
ok. i'm ready to go home.

Monday, January 17

the frost has not melted from my window. Three fourths of my pane is obscured. It leaves me just enough room to see the little bits of snow coming down lightly. I'm going to indulge in bad poetry...

no snow at home-home
so cold much snow frozen pane
go home no snow YAY!

well, now. that was fun for me.

Sunday, January 16

new fear has been introduced into my life...

last Thursday, I thought it was miraculously warm weather when we were in the high 40's/low 50's. I wore a coat and thought: why?
but the warmth is disappearing perilously rapidly. This coming tuesday, we're projected to hit 8 a high. and then by Friday, 3 degrees! here comes the REAL Vermont winter. God have mercy, I haven't even accounted for the wind chill factor.

Friday, January 14

they're all here! i always ferget how much longer it takes to get more people around after just trucking myself places all the time. no wonder we used to be perpetually late when we were little. this was very frustrating for my dad when we were small. I think my mom went with the flow better. imagine two stressed out individuals. someone has to be the less stressed out one. and two cannot take the stage at once. just one. someone has to be the less stressed out one.

let's just keep all stress levels low. today will be a F.U.N. day.


Monday, January 10

more snow! it's beautiful, but cold.

Sunday, January 9

24 season premiere has officially started!

i really really really enjoy this show. it keeps me so on the edge of my seat, i actually shiver while watching it.

and ANOTHER TWO HOURS on Monday!

*steph, this is SERIOUS tv watching.

Tuesday, January 4

school has started again.
i'm not ready for school.
we're not that cold. in fact, there isn't even any snow right now.

but apparently school is ready for me.
monday: free pizza for dinner.
tuesday: free lunch as part of touring interviewees.

the rest of the time, i'm reheating left over sweet potato pot pie from two weeks ago. sounds gross, but it's still quite tasty.

recovering from jet lag is taking longer than usual. when i woke up from dozing through four hours of lecture, my voice was all froggy like i've slept through the night. marvelous.