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Sunday, June 27

so we managed to close the series against the Phillies in triumph...

what happened on saturday...i can't tell...b/c

1. i don't know that much about baseball just yet.
2. i couldn't watch the game.

but it's time to "cowboy UP" b/c we're going to be pitted against the Yankees for this week. Lowe against Lieber...looks like a pretty even match.

we'll see.


Sunday, June 20

o BOYs...

4-6...break my heart. and i had to suffer this in the flesh...

i demand recompensation.

no worries, there will be redemption on Sunday. It IS the LORD'S Day after all.

Saturday, June 19

Food Note:

So Martha has a recipe for Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti. aren't they lovely when Marty makes them:

i tried this recipe two years ago and it worked GREAT...but this time...

makes me think of that line from Outkast's Roses song...Poopoo Poo POOOooo...

but they are yummy. :)

1. yesterday when i was taking the bus home, it was packed with Red Sox fans. I was so proud. I really wanted to holler Go Boston!

2. An excerpt from NY Times article on Curt Schilling:

She also said that her husband "was carrying a computer and people called him a nerd" long before laptops were commonplace. Now Schilling programs computers for teammates. He keeps thousands of pitches on file in a digital video library on his laptop and studies them to the point of being overprepared. He explained his growing relationship with the Red Sox fans simplistically.

SEE! the man's a nerdy jock. how can you NOT love him?! and those dunkin' donuts commercials when he's practicing his boston accent? hysterical.

3. 14-9. YAY!!!!

Wednesday, June 16


and today the dragon lady bought lunch b/c one of the girls is leaving for a whole month...

dude the "lien yung baos" were AMAZING from here
regard the marvelous skills i have developed at my job...
today, one of my duties was to call the restaurant and have them fax over the dim sum menu. see, i'm an ASSET.

Friday, June 11

the dragon lady apologized, first thing in the morning when she came in.
so she's redeemed herself somewhat.

doesn't mean i like coming into the office.

but i told my temp agency person who told me she owes me lunch after this assignment.

and i like that my coworker who know everything wants to go eat sushi

apparently this place on the corner of 25th and Clement is awesome.

that'll get you into my good books for sure.

and there's the restaurant called Julius' Castle on my route up to Coit Tower which looks so fun, but only open for dinner. some how i will dine there some time.

food heals many wounds for me.

the dragon lady yelled at me. pretty much lost her temper. i almost cried at work. b/c i'm such a wuss. i don't do well with being yelled at. not before, not now, probably not EVER.

i didn't follow her instructions.

i was supposed to talk to the SECRETARY or the ASSISTANT.

i got a little mixed up. i ended up talking to the medical liason. i thought that was ok, since i wasn't bothering the adjusters. see all the jargon already.

it set me off.

first of all, i'm a freakin' TEMP. i am ALLOWED to be stupid. and i've never worked with insurance companies before, 'specially ones that deal w/ worker's comp. i'm a NOVICE...even if i'm supposed to be all edumacated.

second of all, i didn't INTENTIONALLY disregard her instructions. i'm trying here. this isn't the way to encourage me. since you keep telling me you need so much help on this database. ain't you ever done nuthin' wrong...

third of all, i didn't jeopardize the business. meebe i'm not helping it proceed at TOP speed, but hey, it was REPARABLE. a little forgiveness doesn't exist in corporate America though.

i don't like mean people. i don't like working with mean people.

the best thing at this job is lunchtime. b/c i leave the office for an hour for this:

and this is what i get to look at:

and on the walk back to the dungeon...

at any rate, i guess i'm being toughened up. it hurts.

Saturday, June 5

see PART I

So I've been recruited to be Gifford's photographer...
and it doesn't start off so bad...

but in an effort to try a more serious pose...

our "professionalism" rapidly degenerates...

and results in a series of schtick shots like you get in those little booths...

it's probably a "you have to be us" situation, but we obviously got a huge kick out of this.

for me, this is part of what makes being home SO good.

Wednesday, June 2

i'm off to work with the dragon lady.
[no worries, Jj, i think we'll get along well enough. i can handle the type A's at work.]
it could be worse.
but this'll put a slight damper on the posting of food pics.

on other news...
o red sox...
my heart...

s'ok, there's always tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 1

Baking Tip for the Day:

when the recipe tells you to TUCK the ends underneath like so:

you really ought to follow instructions strictly, otherwise your rolls will turn out like so:

which is really sort of unattractive, when you really want them to look like so:

for those who could care less...they taste the same: YUMMY.