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Wednesday, April 28

this guy makes me want to have a bite of steak

today, i saw a license plate that said: END WARS.
Interesting, since most people have stuff like...I'M HOT.

yesterday, we spent time with a missionary from Prague who works to stop human trafficking, particularly of women and children. one of my favorite parts of her she originally started out in Thailand as a missionary, going to language school. Hating language school. Ditching language school to hang out with the prostitutes because she wanted to know them.
Sometimes, you have to disobey to obey. i like it.

to support her ministry, try here

go here to read about the other missionary who works with the poor in the Philippines

this Thursday, EAT OUT

Tuesday, April 27

yesterday i had a slice of this marvelous chocolate bourbon pecan pie.
today, i had a bite of baklawa.

i've developed another tenet for my philosophy for daily living...

Life's short. Eat well.

Photos: Dominican Republic Trip
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Monday, April 26

when you're in Cheshire, CT you get to watch the Red Sox, only b/c they're playing the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.

unfortunately we had to watch it on YES, a network which supports the evil that is propagates by Steinbrenner. only made it sweeter that we POUNDED the skANKEES on Friday night, and then beat them on Saturday and AGAIN on Sunday. :D

Thursday, April 22

this morning, at the gym, my shower was taken.
i guess i'll have to remember to pray for my shower to be available.
cuz i asked that the elliptical machine be all by itself.
and i got to watch ESPN and get all the baseball updates.
guess, i'll have to remember to tack on the shower business.

the other shower heads DO NOT give good pressure.

i'm off to adventuring in Connecticut with my roommate.

Wednesday, April 21

i LOVE the dining and wine section in NY Times.

this week is a nerdy article about sushi. YUM.

this restauranteur has his RICE grown to his specifications. i love it.

Friday, April 16

today's lessons
just got back from a conference

1. i'm such a novice. my thesis only faintly touches the surface of the multitude of issues the speakers address with such depth and clarity.
2. who knew sociology was going to be such a fascinating and revealing area. and so complementary towards health care.
3. vegetarian dumplings stuffed w/ spinach are so much yummier than vegetarian spring rolls.

Wednesday, April 14

today's adventures

i played hooky...from the interview day. i ditched the lunch and the tour. come to think of it, i had to ditch class to go out there. i'm turning into a regular delinquent.

my roommate is a burping machine. i laughed until i cried.

Applebee's is definitely on the blacklist. their junk food isn't even GOOD junk food.

Tuesday, April 13

i HATE red-eye.
but i fly it cuz it's cheaper.

at least the seat next to me was empty.
except that the plane was dry, dry, dry.
and they didn't come around to offer water enough times to wet my palette.
dude, even breathing felt raw.

and it's rainy, rainy, rainy.
i'm so freakin' tired b/c it still feels like Monday, but at least i get to sleep in my own lumpy futon.

Friday, April 9

o sad day
the red sox lost to the orioles
by ONE run...
sigh. it's okay, boys, we'll get 'em next time.

on other notes regarding food...
we went up to Davis today
and my dad gives my bro money with instructions:
make sure that GahJie eats nice.

:) i feel the love...

Wednesday, April 7

the BoSox are kicking the Orioles' butt.
that's the way it should be.
shilling does well.
we win. 4-1. very good.

I feasted at my grandma's.
steamed fish
chinese vegetables
stuffed mushrooms
fried shrimp
and porkchops for the meat eaters...

my grandpa misses me's cute.

Tuesday, April 6

opening game of red sox vs. orioles...
sigh...c'mon, boys, you can do it!
curt shilling opening with his first pitch as a red sox today.
duly noted.
and what's with all the hair, damon? it's like Jesus in the outfield.
i'm ok as long as 'Jesus' hits a homerun, though...
kapler...not bad.

and UConn whooped Georgia Tech last night. nice job, huskies.

it's too bad we don't have cable at home. But that's ok, b/c as long as i'm at my granny's for dinner...ESPN and ESPN2 and FOX SPORTS. i'll keep up.

until then...we'll stick to
especially if i'm going to be in Cali for a week.
gotta show some love.

Friday, April 2

it's another New England circuit.

i don't think i've ever spent so much time traveling in the US.
too bad, it's kinda rainy this weekend.

even without the sibs, i've managed to eat fairly well.
Carrabba's. an italian grill.
eggplant parmesan. pass. nuthing to rave madly over, but it was a large serving nonetheless.
and plenty of free bread...but it was sliced. strange.

the Rev. Eversley is coming to dinner on Monday...what to make...hmmm...