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Monday, August 30

i have to admit that i've been favoring the xanga over the blog...
but i have separation issues. I still blog here.

i think i've found a red sox fan who i can talk to...
the boys in the class are beyond my level.
but Alyssa is much friendlier :)
but her tv is not within walking distance. :(
BUT she has a car...and meebe if i share food...

then i can watch the next time Arroyo pitches...


Thursday, August 26

i went running again. so proud of myself.

until i got lost...



oh well, this city girl is gettin' REAL familiar w/ those woods.

somehow, backtracking ain't so much fun as finding the trail.

Wednesday, August 25

Don't get me wrong. i love school. but these small groups sessions are NOT captivating...

my routine currently consists of me filling up the nalgene bottle before class at the fountain. b/c WHO wants to carry around 4 glasses of water at one time. it's HEAVY. my technique is perfected to fill it exactly to the 32 oz mark. Just depends on the angle.

During small group, I noticed that it take me 3 swallows to move down one mark or a quarter cup of water. Therefore, 12 swallows makes 1 cup and 48 swallows will finish off half the day's requirement for liquids.

Impressive, non?

and on other notes, I went running for the first time in a long time. I don't think I've run since high school. But my roommate goes, so i went with her. We cut through a cemetary, into these woods behind the baseball field. We're leaping over tree roots, squeezing down narrow paths, pushing through foliage. I feel all tough...until a man comes barreling down the slope...with his two dogs...running barefoot. I'm still a wuss. But i'm a wuss having fun, so it's good enough for now.

Sunday, August 22


b/c we have cable now!
but no NESN :(
but we have INTERNET now!
so note the time of this post. :D

Sunday, August 15

been a pretty good eatin' weekend...

found compatriots re: dark chocolate. you know you're the real thing if you can't really eat milk chocolate when you have a chocolate craving. and you NEVER think about letting white chocolate pass your lips.

made s'mores...albeit w/o dark chocolate.

dined at a Thai restaurant dubbed, Loong Chat. not bad, though not as dirt cheap as SF can be. nothing compares. BUT i spotted a chinese restaurant, Five Spice Cafe, that says they do vegetarian dim sum. basically just vegetarian siu mai. Not a huge selection, but worth a look some day.

i dunno how fantastic the dining adventures'll be in VT, but that's the start. and this morning, i just ate a cheddar spinach scone at muddy waters cafe. for some reason, i felt the need for some sundried tomato to give it some PUNCH. it was alright.

i have an address...send me love, people

Tuesday, August 10

It's amazing...being able to watch my boys on TV so often.
although their dismal loss to the Rays on Monday was lamentable.
i consider it dismal b/c the Rays are at the bottom of their section.

but i have to say. i love it when Arroyo pitches. That straight leg pitching stance is just SO HOT.
and he's doing pretty good as a pitcher. 4.04 ERA.