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Friday, February 28

major indicator of time to leave the library...

already ate everything you brought and temptation to eat emergency food supply is increasing to point of unnecessity.

this is largely relevant to me and not necessarily applicable to anyone else.

approximately one week until spring break.

Wednesday, February 26

financial accounting for health care is officially terminated.

such is the significance of this event that it merits a posting.

should you lack a reason to celebrate, you may celebrate this occasion as though it were your own.

Tuesday, February 25

when the going gets tough, the tough get cooking

new aspirations, although i've only accomplished 1 out of 5 of previous hopes and dreams.

1. scallion pancakes (chong yao beng)
2. basic buns (chinese-style)
3. PANCAKES (i've now accumulated two recipes, and tried neither.)
4. monkey bread!
5. a dip or a spread.

spring break in less than two weeks. hooray.

Monday, February 24

This weekend was very productive in terms of baking and cooking.

This weekend's 'repetoire' consisted of:

1. whole-wheat rolls
2. tuna salad
3. roasted peanuts
4. baked apple peel
5. applesauce
6. garlic butter
7. meringue cookies

seven is a good number, but perhaps now i have been duly affected...

After an email has been sent, a little page ensues to note that the email address of the recipient(s). Among the ads and links is a little picture of a HUMONGOUS slice of pie/cake which is covered in frosting w/ fruit on the top. I don't think i can send anymore emails until that link disappears...i want to EAT THAT CAKE. and i am presently not hungry to begin with. i don't think it's appropriate to think about dessert allatime.

Saturday, February 22

recall the worst-case scenario handbooks...

here's my submission to the publishers.


1. When to shovel: can you still see your car? Good, at least you've found it.
2. Where to get a shovel: if you don't want to buy one, ask someone who lives in a house. Apartment-dwellers are inevitably non-shovel owners. Should you be unable to locate a shovel, do not despair. The following objects have been proven to be effective: frying pans, cutting boards, dust pans, and hands.
3. Where to begin: First you should make a pathway to the driver's side of the car. Preferably the door which the driver gets in. It can help if you try to break up the snow first. Do not worry too much about where you fling it, esp. if it's past midnight and there are no persons or vehicles careening down the road. Once you are able to open the door, turn on the engine and get the car running.
4. Tires: clear snow from tires. Be sure to check the side of the tire which you cannot see. This may entail lying prone on the snow. Don't be afraid, snow washes off. If you aren't wearing waterproof gear, keep in mind that you will eventually dry off.
5. Other areas of focus: Make a pathway for the car to get out. Even if you get to the car door and clear off the tires, you still to remove the snow blocking the car.

Miscellaneous Hints:

1. When facing with trekking through snow, anticipate the possibility of the snow not carrying your weight. Should you suddenly find yourself knee-high in snow, lift foot and begin again. Should the snow hold your weight, begin shuffling quickly but gently towards your destination before snow breaks again.
2. The vast majority of cars still run on gas.
3. If snow is vaguely part of any adventures at any time of day or night, it is advisable to wear any or all snow-gear.
4. Amount of time spent for task is dependent on amount of the snow, time since snow fall, weather conditions since snow fall, and temperature.
5. If you laugh really hard, adventure improves exponentially, regardless of time of night, magnitude of snow, and loss of sleep.

Unrelevant Hint:

Do not leave your spare keys in your apartment. That is a stupid idea.

Thursday, February 20

short-term aspirations

1. jam thumbprints
2. pizza: any and all variations
3. mochi
4. china
5. paycheck

current weather facts

1. the temperture is above 40 degrees; that is above freezing point.
2. the snow fences you in when you are walking on the sidewalk
3. in some places, the plowed snow is almost as tall as me.

Tuesday, February 18

two, meebe three, highlights
(which might be getting close to maxing out the highlight quota for the day)

Morning: bit it BIG TIME.
fell over like a tree.
stupid phone, stupid slippers, stupid table leg, stupid chair. stupid everything.
including me. O.W.I.E.

Noon: presented oral report.
i am oh-so-cool. my prof thinks that i'm a genius.
am now considering retirement.
will now devote time to eating cookies and ice cream.

Evening: anticipated studying.
ego will have deflated back to 'normal' size since PV = nRT
(it's too cold to be snotty, considering wearing socks to bed.)
probably abandoned plans to retire for plans to draw Punnett squares.

Monday, February 17

today marks a milestone of nerdiness.

how do i know?

1. feeling of nausea due to the overload of mental output
2. inability to step away from the screen
3. getting excited about putting together the research
4. record speed in completing a report
5. even the blog is outlined.

Goood grief, i need go on vacation.

God preserve my poor soul.

surely, tomorrow'll be a more eventful day.

Sunday, February 16

notable events for today, in chronological order, not impact:
1. blizzard.
2. new cookie
3. genesis of blog.

1. I never dreamed that i would be in a blizzard. it's not entertaining, tasty, or warm. therefore, i am considering no longer participating in the blizzard experience. Occasionally, it can be kinda pretty. i took pictures to try to have proof, but who knows what that'll look like. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, things close down because of blizzards. this is usually viewed as good. but this time around, it is not so good. even church was not open. that's ridiculous.

2. chocolate cookie w/ soft chocolate in the middle. i ferget the official name of the recipe, but it is by the naked chef, Mr. Jamie Oliver. It's an excellent cookbook. i enjoyed the bread recipe very much. so did other people who had the opportunity to sample it. this cookie's appeal was the soft chocolate center. I've been eyeing cookie recipes of this genre for some time now. saw one by martha stewart, but didn't bother copying it down. this recipe would've been amazing except that i didn't have any cocoa powder. therefore, after a brief consultation w/ another baker, i substituted vanilla extract. hmm, this may have accounted for the altered flavor. didn't taste quite the way it looked. it looks extraordinarily delicious. but it left a salty aftertaste. also a possibility due to the tweak of making my own self-rising flour. since i am certain of future success w/ this cookie, i will try it again. further reviews to come...after, i purchase cocoa powder, but not by Nestle.

3. due to the snowstorm, and having exhausted nearly all other possible forms of distractions, i officially turn to the internet and this questionnable source of entertainment. I do not expect to blog regularly, though perhaps frequently when time, access, and creativity come together, or not. at any rate, for posterity's sake, this is the official preface. it is not my intent to expound wisdom, reveal deep-seated secrets, or impart any gravity to this blog, therefore, you may have either wasted your time or spent it well by lingering here. thus begins the blog.