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Tuesday, September 28

we started dissecting this week.
exciting but currently NOT as material heavy as cell and molecular biology.
that felt like my major compressed into four weeks.
but definitely just as sexy nerdy as cell and molecular biology

most nauseating point...the home video intro to the lab...
ugh. such awful cinematography.
i'm rarely susceptible to motion sickness...i wanted to throw up and i had an awful headache. Couldn't watch it.

other highlights...


GAME DAY! it's my new favorite site to supplement my studying... :D

Incoming visitor from Israel!

my first GREEN stethoscope!

"swimmable" pool on campus.

food-sharing roommates.

free printing at school.

cool dissection videos.

sharing, sharing, and more sharing.

i'm a pretty happy camper.

Thursday, September 23

Benefits of living in Ben and Jerry's home state...

so it's the last day of classes for this course. and i'm noticing that pints of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and such are floating through the halls. Apparently, whoever works at BJ just brought in pints and pints of the stuff. I check the freezer. O yeah. there's tons of Cherry Garcia, a Mint Chocolate Chip, Chubby Hubby, etc. It's sensory overload to have the grocery section of BJs right in your own student lounge.

So what do i do? I close the door. and tell my prandial buddy, Mark. He's a good conspirator. I settle in the study room and he fetches two ginormous servings of ice creams: cherry garcia, chubby hubby and oatmeal chocolate cookie dough. dude...what IS it about ice cream that is inherently IRRESISTIBLE?

Dear Jesus...i *heart* my school, my eating life.

Well, the excuse for going nuts on BJ in the middle of the week is cuz it was the last day of classes. It's now official policy to eat BJ after exams. that means BJ every week just about.

today's honors goes to...

Saturday, September 18

the RED SOX take the YANKEES in the NINTH inning!!!


thank the Lord, my studying is done and i'm GONNA go play w/ Skers*! (my roommate who is NOT a medical student. yay for non medical students!)


I HAVE A WEEKEND! and this is the best test i've taken so far! i *heart* non-secure exams! (so far, that is)

so i suppose that's my list of thanks or "YAYs!" right now. more to come AFTER Skers and I get some adventures into us.

*Skers is a nickname. Jill is her given name.

Wednesday, September 15

I've noticed a trend in free food 'round these parts.


so i'm "chillaxin" at the Family Medicine bbq, gettin my next few meals in...

which turns out to be a garden burger (which i only eat under these desparate conditions), raw veggies w/ dip, and chips and salsa. And dessert is almost always a selection of chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip, and double chocolate chip. This time there was a caramel apple pie in the mix.

I've seen this mixture so often, I've come up with a strategy to maximize my dining experience for the next encounter. I'm gonna ditch the bun the next time. Forget the condiments and straight dump the salsa on the garden burger. Then I'm gonna cut up the burger to some degree and dig in with the chips.

and DUDE...the mosquitoes...swat swat swat. in spite of my best efforts i STILL got bit. on the neck. dang IT. somehow, somehow, i'm gonna escape unscathed from one of these 'attacks'. i've yet to come up with a strategy just yet though.

BUT...i met the cutest little boy, who was about 3 or 4. He looks at me with his big eyes and i'm waiting for him to say hi. and he blurts out, You wanna come home with me? and then he turns to his mom, a 4th year student, and says, can she come home with me? she wants to come home with me, ok? and he stutters through most of this. SO FREAKIN' CUTE. and then we manage to part ways and he tells me in his little voice: look both ways before, k? look out cars, k? BYE!

little dude...can i take YOU home?


Monday, September 13

Prandial Therapy of the Day

we took a 105 question test at 8 this morning...

*pictures were not allowed

we took a 30 minute trip to Waterbury at 10 this morning to the Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory. sampled some flavors. ice cream is SO therapeutic post-testing. it was absolutely THE food therapy of the day. our next plan for therapy is to tackle the Vermonster at the end of this course. Follow-up'll be in two weeks. until then...

current favorite flavor:

Saturday, September 11

Food for the Day...

French Toast with French Bread.

so, i'm holed up in my house studying for a test on Monday. and i'm poking around trying to figure out some lunch. and i recall this recipe that used french bread for french toast. it works out well. the cinnamon is a lovely touch. but it's the crust, i think. it's a much better crust. Of course you can't pick that really DENSE dinner roll stuff, but French bread really has much better "innards" than white bread. I think I've sworn off white sandwich bread. It's just too weak.

and yesterday, i had curry mashed potatoes. did i fail to mention that? it's very good w/ that extra kick.

AND can i point out this FABULOUS new site ?!
i've been annotating my recipes like this for a while...and now i'm being edumacated that it's really an engineering module?!

Thursday, September 9

Food Therapy of the Day...

Lectures start at 8 o'clock. 1st break happens sometime after 9.

me and a couple of other girls are commiserating in the hallway. one of them wishes for ice cream. i suggest we look in the fridge. O man, whaddya know...there's leftover Ben and Jerry's black raspberry from the last ice cream social. Granted, it's the most melty disgusting looking heap of mess of ice cream i've seen in a long time...BUT...

that didn't stop her or me OR the other girl from finding a spoon and diggin out several spoonfuls.

i only wish that it had Phish Food cuz i could've used the chocolate fix. Until i know better, I SWEAR that chocolate's better than sex.

Thursday, September 2

the nerd life

studying for med school is like studying for finals all the time. two days of lecture was the equivalent of two courses. we're covering so much this week, I can't even imagine what else they're gonna try to squeeze into our brains in regards to cell and molecular biology for the rest of the three weeks. God have mercy.

the baseball life

victory is sweet. what with sweeping detroit and still flying high...

it's only made SWEETER than the Yankees LOST to the INDIANS! 22-0! the biggest shut out since anyone alive can remember.'s only too bad that WE didn't get to shut them out. but no worries...


the speedy life

so i go running yesterday. after a grueling set of lectures and some reviving ben and jerry's ice cream, thanks to the generosity of the biochemistry dept. and the wood trails are very mushy due to the rain from the past couple of days. at one point, some really high weeds have simply caused the trail to disappear. Some firsts from this "expedition"

1. i didn't get lost.
2. i actually saw another human being.
3. i really broke in my new sneakers w/ mud and dirt. the first dirt always hurts a little.

the vanity life

tuesday morning, i woke with a bug bite...on my LIP. i've NEVER had a fat lip quite like this one. It was as though my lower lip was trying to consume my upper lip. and then one girl said...she didn't even noticed. ok, granted she's trying to be nice...but HEY...are you saying that i look like this ALL THE TIME?! ai-ya. at any rate, my lip is de-swelling back to it's normal size...and it can't even itch that much...cuz it's a lip.

more adventures to come...per usual.