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Monday, November 29

when i started school, an older and wiser student told us to write everything down...
your phone number, your address, your name.

well, perhaps i should've paid more attention. this is the second time i've forgotten my ATM PIN. this already happened in Philly, you'd think i'd learn.
nono...i persist in my inepititude.

so i look it up, good thing i keep mail that the bank sends me, right? o no. it doesn't matter, it's not the right one. geez louise, how'd THAT happen? so there are drive through ATM here...and i'm leaning out of the backseat window punching in any combination of numbers that i think could possibly be my PIN.

sigh. no such luck. fortunately, my roommate's gonna pay me back in cash for her share of the bills. except i STILL have to go to the bank in order to deposit checks. meebe i'll do it after break. i can't really forget when i don't have any way to get cash...

Monday, November 22

in 24 hours, i will quit all forms of nerdiness and focus on ONE thing.

my neglected tummy.

o tummy, i'm sorry i've not been paying more attention to you lately. i gorged you silly during thanksgiving dinner at church yesterday, but i know that didn't really make up for it. sorry, i've just been teasing you with slices of jalapeno cheese toast and following up with nothing more than water. I promise that i'll make up for it as soon as the brain gets dumped. You've been very supportive and patient with the occasional spoonfuls of ben and jerry's between ricecakes. though you have admit wasabi ricecakes were rather ingenious. Not to worry, we're off to a marvelously friendly yummy vacation where you'll get spoiled silly. then, we'll just have to chin up until christmas time.

o brain...i just wanna tell you...don't be afraid to let all the nerdiness hang. be brave. be genius. and then we will take a vacation and just read about cooking and baking.

Saturday, November 20

several warm days...
this is marvelous.

several free meals...
also marvelous.

several nerdy moments...
absolutely marvelous.

so lemme share my insight.

this is why eating helps keep the poopin' regular...
your digestive system works best when you're at rest.
and running around and not eating is not conducive towards regular contraction of your digestive tract. Note: your digestive tract also includes your colon.
but when you sit down and eat, your digestive tract get going (peristalsis) and therefore, you can keep a schedule. throw in some fiber in the diet and you'll have happy campers all around.

it's a brillant system, i tell you...

Monday, November 15

today's free food rated 7.

brownies w/ chocolate chips in them. Yum.

quizno subs at the pediatric panel. I've never had a sub from quizo. not bad at all. considering that they actually had guacamole in the veggie sandwich.

but it was a marked note of how tired i was at the end of today when i passed up a free reception at the neuroscience forum. my bed just appealed so much more than some snacks, even though the spread was quite nice. the usual cheese and fruit, etc. lunch w/ the interviewees...albeit it's in the cafeteria.
BUT...someone is bringing triple chocolate chip cookies to class...

and as for today's weather report...

my hair did NOT freeze in the morning! yay!


Friday, November 12

weather report:

so i'm on my way to class with a wet head of hair.
it freezes.
my hair is crackling frozen.
ok, that's pretty cold.

and at the pool, the water level went up half a foot. very strange.
it made pushing off the side kinda weird since i had to aim for the edge of the usual ledge.
of course, gettin out of the pool was a whole lot easier.
Morning swims are much funner with less people.

on the other hand, noon swims can be pretty entertaining as well.
so i'm sharing a lane w/ this dude. I can't tell you more than it was a dude, b/c i wasn't wearing any contacts.
at any rate, during a break, he asks me, are you a triathlete?
me: ?! no.
(do i LOOK like a triathlete? and aren't i swimmin' kinda slow for one?)
dude: O. i saw your cap.
me: Haha. My friend let me borrow it.

Sunday, November 7

quoted in today's sermon:

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows; it empties today of its strength"

Corrie ten Boom

she was always a very classy lady.

i would invite her over to eat cookies and ice cream anyday.

Wednesday, November 3

ok, so i spoke a little sooner than I should've...

it's supposed to snow a little this weekend.

ok, that's cold.

but i persist in my efforts...

i'm still wearing a t-shirt in my pj ensemble.

but we've definitely got to seal the windows this weekend.

Monday, November 1

i noticed that the decreasing temperatures do not faze me much these days.

but it hasn't snowed yet...apparently we get until Thanksgiving before the first snow fall...

time change benefit: it's not dark when i walk to the pool in the wee hours.

down side: no cool sunrises...

today's free food: leftover bagels from bagel rounds.

latest discovery...peanut butter and cream cheese do ok together.

mental note: NEVER NEVER use lite cream cheese. It's just inedible.