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Wednesday, July 30

sometimes you think the blog worthy news is over...but oh no...

Pat and I have just founded the Dining and Wining Preservation Society (DWPS).
Our inaugural meal will be the first breakfast at camp. As the opening meal of the day and our organization we will be having: French toast, sausages, and fruit.

We are currently accepting applications.

and if this is really fact, then i think a trip to Japan is in order. after all, seri is constantly raving about the victuals she consumes there...

i wore shoes today for the first time since i don't know when. i never thunk that there would be such a day.


why? why? why did i put on shoes. ferget the shoes...we (my feet and I) are wearing flip flops for life. well, until it snows, i guess.

i had to ask for bandaids TWICE. it was sort of embarrassing. prof. sigmund brought me a bandaid that was THIS big...(make a rectangle w/ your thumb and forefingers...then think of the size of my hands, not yours). i like eating w/ him because he doesn't lose focus on the food. this time i did not eat myself stupid. only almost stupid. whew...showing some self-control. say, isn't that a fruit of the Spirit. Muahahahahaha...i'm growing, perhaps?

i've been using the weather to pathetic is that? well, work before play. work faster!

Tuesday, July 29

this morning i drove to the airport all by myself to pick up my stephanie friend. I felt so smart, and so Philadelphia-ly to be able to find my way around.

and then, this afternoon i made three gajillion copies of a packing slip b/c i didn't realize the copies were coming out of the RIGHT side, not the LEFT. I felt so stupid, so inane to not find the other side.

and then, at the parking garage, I tried to open the door. just a regular door that pushes open. granted i was carrying the heaviest laptop in the world, but i could not budge that door. I felt so weak, so wussy to be stuck behind a door.

finally, tonight, i cut open the pineapple i got for 50 cents and ate some of it. I felt so lucky, so blessed to get such marvelously sweet fruit for so cheap.

in prose:

yay, it rained, we are cooling down to respectable temperatures...whew.
my mom is eating tomatoes w/ balsamic brave of her.
yay, tomorrow i will be fed lunch and dinner on the house...more or less.

Monday, July 28

back to housesitting...back to Indiana Jones.
this time it's the Temple of Doom.
it's really quite captivating, except for the screechy, irritating blonde with a dumb name like Willie?!
and i REALLY don't understand WHY Indy goes for her at all.
curious how that character has faded from scripts these days.
but then again, even Halle Berry required a couple of rescues in the last Bond film.
makes me wonder what the new Indy movie is going to be like...
harrison's always turned out to be quite entertaining.
i did enjoy the Fugitive and Sabrina.

Sunday, July 27

reasons to be on the other side of the country:

1. cold showers do not feel cold these days.
2. five bug bites...wait, make that six.
3. the ocean. i want to see it. period.
4. spite of the good eats for the last five days
5. wilma! at least we are only three hours apart now

Thursday, July 24

the Dining Committee (pat and I) for camp has met and come up with a decision...
if we get the ok on our menu selections, perhaps i will share...if i care.

tonight i ate a chocolate and vanilla cannoli. verdict: good, but not as good as the ones filled w/ the basic ricotta filling w/ chocolate chips...mamma mia. hurry, people...get back to more vacation...

tomorrow is a special dessert expedition at Ruby Tuesdays...with extra adventure thrown in...*snicker*...sorry, details not passed approval rating just yet...
considering Japan's current situation, i'm becoming convinced of seri's higher calling. possibly friendster can have bigger returns than bargained for.

in light of the food news: even velveeta and wholewheat bread can make a decent grilled cheese sandwich. according to gifford, though, the best grilled cheese sandwich that he ever ate was one of my variations... and b/c sharing is caring: it was muenster cheese on sourdough. with a sprinkling of garlic salt and pepper. muah!

another desirable roommate quality: cutting carrots. it is a pain-in-the-butt task. mostly cuz i'm a wuss and lack good shock absorption, but that's not something i'm prepared to change or deal with. therefore i will relegate the responbility to someone else as often as i can. or just eliminate carrots from the recipe.

Wednesday, July 23

i'm beginning to come to certain realizations about the types of people i want to surround myself with:

superemee: hello!! :D hahah i am soo good at killing stuff!
a peasprout: really?
a peasprout: you fulfill one of the qualifications to live with me.
a peasprout: i approve...
a peasprout: you can kill the unacceptable roommates.
superemee: hahha
a peasprout: how about tackling a ginormous cockroach.
a peasprout: like one w/ wings...
superemee: ew
superemee: then we call patty
a peasprout: will he sit on them?
superemee: he will EAT them!
a peasprout: AHAHAHAHA

Monday, July 21

other food adventures...

went in search of a cannoli for Linna who has never experience the joy of one. They had just gone on vacation yesterday. o, woe.

there were free chocolates in the dept today, but alas, i came too late. o, woe.

but that's ok b/c

i ate two cookies by milade as part of lunch. a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie and a peanut butter chip chocolate chip. she's a very creative lady.

and then post-dinner, i put ice cream on top of a toffee bar and ate it. then i wait a little while and got my second wind, and ate an apple w/ cheese.

tomorrow is another day. yay.

sometimes i don't want to eat lunch b/c i can't find an ending point for it. i just wanna keep eating until like meebe 3 or 4. then i'll can just eat a light dinner at 7 or 8. what's wrong with me? lunchtime HAS to end...

i almost broke into my reserve stash of graham crackers...

what's GOING on?!

Friday, July 18

since the whole set of Indiana Jones movies is available for my viewing pleasure, I've been unwinding to Indy's adventures and therefore have come to a conclusion regarding my favorite indiana jones movie...

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

**hannah, are you still reading?! i'm baring my soul for your entertainment.

Wednesday, July 16

and my God is faithful...

dinner was lovely...even though i had to wear a skirt.

and dessert was even better... a blow-by-blow description...

(my partner in crime: Linna, a highly qualified eater; we made up the names and descriptions of all the ones we sampled)

1. lemon creme cheesecake. very nice. a good start. delicious, but not too rich.
2. chocolate cookie bar. average dessert, but nothing to blow your mind away.
3. almond cheesecake. excellent. very classy.
4. chocolate fudge bar. oy, i think i'm melting in chocolate goodness...
5. chocolate chip, peanut butter chips coconut bar. ok. but nuthing out of the ordinary.
6. raspberry mousse cheesecake. amazing. airy, tart, and rich.
7. strawberry chocolate bar. slight rum flavor? fruity. almost tipping the sweet scale.
8. coffee chocolate cheesecake. perfect final touch. sweet, but not overwhelming. so smart.

those not part of the official plate of samples:

1. an oatmeal raisin cookie. chewy. high pass.
2. fudge brownie. slightly above standard, has possible swooning potential, but lost in the fancy crowd of desserts.

those unsampled:

1. lemon coconut cake...who knows? i didn't want to waste the stomach space.
2. chocolate chip cookie...the gold standard. saved two for later.
3. random cookies...they looked like they came from a box. bleah.

so today has been redeemed....besides, someone probably needs an umbrella more than i. if not....well, vengence is mine, saith the Lord.

The end.

i lost my umbrella
my grown-up umbrella.
my anti-rain umbrella. lately when i've been carrying the doesn't rain.

now, it's gonna rain and i don't even have my rain jacket around and i'm losing my grown-up aura...o well.

being "homeless" is kinda tricky.

and i haven't even eaten anything stellar yet...though hope springs eternal.

Tuesday, July 15

in keeping w/ the list format:

in response to the spoiled pets in NY, i am appalled for several reasons.

1. they have better health care than i do.
2. they used to let pigs "scavenge for garbage" until a sewer system was started
3. they actually have signs that say: Dog are just children w/ fur. almost makes me want to get up on a soapbox...except that's not why i blog.

in light of why i's something more along those lines...

ice cream goes really well w/ stuff that's still pies, brownies, cookies, tong shui, etc. Today i ate coffee ice cream w/ a chocolate chip cookie. It was excellent because i heated up the cookie, but it makes the ice cream melt faster than usual. Of course, that's not an unusual phenomenon, but it did stress me out a little bit, b/c you can't slow down to really savor each bite. B/c i don't like to "drink" my ice cream, so you have to eat it faster than the rate at which it melts at. unless you are willing to sacrifice your ice cream. which i am not willing to do.

possible solutions:

1. change brand of ice cream. Edy's (aka Dreyer) is lovely, but it does melt rather quickly...probably the high fat content.
2. make a bigger serving size...then would i be more willing to sacrifice...probably not...scratch that idea.
3. don't do anything while eating it....then you can focus your full attention to the ice cream and not lose any of the moment. probably that will work best.

**hannah, you'd better be reading this and enjoying it as i strove to blog for your amusement. AND you'd better leave a worthy comment, lest i become discouraged and leave no more entries.

Monday, July 14

1. toffee still, my beating heart. i think i'm in love. who knew such sweet goodness existed.

2. finally watched A Few Good Men.

3. carmelized walnuts. i find i am developing an increasing affinity for nuts.

Thursday, July 10

1. i killed a roach. no, not the monstrous one that i tried to trap with a cup... just a lil quarter-incher who was skedaddling in the sink. there's a couple who live in the dishwasher, but i don't know how to dispose of them.

2. ice cream galore...monday's dinner started w/ a buster bar from the dairy queen. roasted peanuts, fudge, and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate. almost overkill. the meal concluded with a square of ice cream. passable, but not comparable to the buster bar.

3. i think everytime i eat w/ prof sigmund, i manage to stuff myself silly. for dessert, we both had lemon pound cake with butter brickle ice cream, and a blueberry tart.

4. how is it possible to keep a stocked kitchen w/o soy sauce? in chinatown, no less. unbelievable.

5. it might be time for something salty....we will see...

Saturday, July 5

this lady says she met her husband through natural selection...

they were both the tallest people in the rooms and they were able to see over tops of heads.

i don't think i'll ever be able to say that.

Friday, July 4

do you think people in Japan are proud of this?

check out:

1. how many he ate...
2. the people he beat out.
3. how little he is.

and that wussy celebrity they tossed in? what a joke.

not that i could've beat him...even in my heyday. ;)

weather report:
today, we reached high 90's. i hid out in air conditioning all day. tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot.

vermin sightings:
a cockroach. an inch and a half. it has wings. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G. i tried to trap it underneath a glass cup. It didn't work. i tried at least three times. SICK.

at this rate, my kids will NEVER think i led a boring life...

Thursday, July 3

a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

i have officially begun the attempt towards eating meat...

i anticipate 8-9 months before the first bite...

Wednesday, July 2


opera in the square.

(beanie, if only you were here. we were only a hop, skip and a jump from your place. AND we found good parking!)

Pucini, Verdi, Wagner. All very enjoyable. how can you go wrong w/ da barber of seville?

but we really got a kick outta hearing He's Got the Whole World being sung by a mezzo-soprano.

we laffed and laffed.

new gripe: MICE.

you may THINK you know all the living bodies in a room...

oh no.

I can't stand it. the tinkling inside the walls...

the rice is staying in the dishwasher fo' shizzles.

really, living in Chinatown is not so much fun sometimes.

and the street i have to walk on to get to school...stinks to high heaven. this heat HAS to abate.

Godhavemercy. Please, please make the mice go away. and the roaches, too.