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Friday, May 27

what better way for me to begin the weekend with brunch...a salmon omelette souffle. DUDE, it was SO good.... Posted by Hello

and to cap off brunch...a strawberry waffle. DELICIOUS! Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26

FINALLY! the first cannolis that I ate outside of Philly. These were tasty, but a little unique Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21

Saturday brunch at Chef's corner: Griddle cakes w/ wild Maine blueberries... Posted by Hello

how to eat: stack one on top of the other, stick butter pieces inbetween to melt, soak completely w/ maple syrup, and cut into wedges Posted by Hello

and the healthy meat option: Southwestern omeletter w/ greens. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20

freshest salad i EVER made and ate. i JUST clipped the lettuce 5 minutes before this shot. delicious.  Posted by Hello
perhaps i need a toaster oven...or bigger pieces of bread Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15

PIZZA EXTRAVAGANZA! Vote for your favorite!

pizza#1: eggplant, red peppers, topped w/ shredded cheese... Posted by Hello

pizza #2 (in its unbaked form...o la la!): a sundried tomato pesto base w/ spinach, red peppers, feta, and shredded cheese Posted by Hello

pizza #3: a base of pesto, tapenade fr. trader's joe, eggplant, red peppers, some chicken, and mozzerella and parmesan. Posted by Hello

our delicious dessert pizza...premiering for the first time...apples, almonds and cinnamon sugar on a cream cheese base. Posted by Hello

and the GRAND finale...props to M who conquered our sink AND counters. thus acquiring open invite status to all pizza dinners and dare I say, MORE! :D Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13

and thus begins the weekend's baking. emilio begats blueberry lemon muffins... Posted by Hello

this dessert is dedicated to A...who missed a fine meal and an intrepid adventure into the world of ice cream and banana breads, which began w/ some ben and jerry's chocolate therapy... Posted by Hello

or what ice cream w/ caramel swirls and chocolate bits... Posted by Hello

the idea spreads, and generates... Posted by Hello

another innovative diner...bananas and chocolate ice cream atop banana bread... Posted by Hello

a study break produces banana muffins with cream cheese filling. critics say, MORE cream cheese...but w/ berries instead, and next time, bananas'll go with chocolate chips instead... Posted by Hello

so ends Friday's baking... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11

another fantastic night of pizza. i can't resist the sourdough crust. it's simply fabulous. this time i let it sit for two hours instead of the usual half. still GREAT. crispy, but i still don't know how to get the edges to puff up. Here is...a pepper pesto pizza w/ three cheeses. :D Posted by Hello

of course, how can i fail to mention the lovely company i had for dinner, E and K, who helped me with the standard favorite of spinach, feta, and pesto. i LOVE this pizza. Go emilio! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 8

this weekend's baking for another attempt at san francisco sourdough according to i followed directions to a tee, and tomorrow's lunch'll show us the money. i didn't taste, but moved onto other projects... Posted by Hello
this turned out into perfectly delicious pizza, from 1.5 cups of my emilio, 1 Tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of salt, and 1.5 cups of flour. take or give a few pinches and dashes... Posted by Hello
a couple of pizza shells for future lovin' Posted by Hello