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Monday, February 28

how a medical student eats...

note the plastic bowl. we don't know where the lid is. the side has a huge gash/indentation from being mutilated by the dishwasher. but it is the closest thing we have to a typical rice bowl. i use it for almost EVERYTHING. except for things that require plates...

this version included red and green pepper, peas and carrots, and a couple of eggs.
to liven things up, add sesame oil, lemon pepper, and soy sauce.
sriracha to taste.

Sunday, February 27

as mentioned crackers...

today's bread adventures...

okay, presently my oven isn't large enough to accomodate the rising of bread on two levels so i tried to take out the lower rack and rest it on the floor of the oven. I think it messed with the distribution of heat because this is what turned out...

well, it'll probably taste fine...i hope.

Saturday, February 26

A meme

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Use what’s actually next to you.

Robbin's Pathologic Basis of Disease, 6th Ed.
p. 123 (illustrations?!)
See Fig. 5-6 for aditional anticoagulant modulators of thrombin activity, such as antithrombin III and thrombomodulin.

dude...i thought this might be funn-er and more enlightening...than a redirection of randomness...

Sunday, February 20

cracker adventures

so i have a little sourdough starter left over...
i think i'll try sourdough crackers
and whatever else is on hand...
like sesame seed oil.
curry powder
and whatever those spices my Indian roommate keeps cooking with...

so, the crackers taste lovely.
except that i neglected to prick them with a fork before i baked them.

now i have these little square balloons...

tasty little balloons.

soon i shall display photos. but this is my adventure thus far...

Saturday, February 19


Friday, February 18

the other day we tried the Parisien style hot chocolate recipe from the LA Times.

except that we didn't have a frother. or a blender. or a whisk.

so we heated the milk until it came to a boil, turned off the heat, and then dumped in semisweet chocolate chips. If we had a whisk as this point, we would've at least tried to froth it.

it was tasty. but i think i'll be going back to make crackers. and meebe microwaving eggs...

Thursday, February 17

for those interested...

no, i do not believe you can simply toss in the entire egg, shell and all. You would need to puncture the shell to relieve the rapid pressure build up in the egg. and i haven't tried it, so i don't recommend it at all.
but for eggs over easy, i think you could just nuke it a little less, but still cover it. i tried it for about 45 seconds and it still cooked the egg pretty well.
and i don't like the mess either, but you can always start it in the microwave and then fried it up a little in the pan to give it a little crispiness and such.

for now, i've moved onto the peanut butter and jam sandwich on toast.
definitely use GOOD whole wheat bread, not those flimsy tea sandwich bread. and then if you're not feeling SUPER bready...make it open-face...or to be high-falutin'...a tartine.


Wednesday, February 9

my newest cooking technique employs the microwave.
while i'm still refining this method, I've been microwaving my eggs. They come out perfectly round and fit precisely into a sandwich. if you microwave an egg, be sure to cover the container lightly with a paper towel or napkin. I think the steam that generates on top makes a difference.

Anyways, the other day i had my own quirky version of a egg and cheese biscuit sandwich. Not bad, but I didn't cover it and the egg wasn't as pretty. Also a little pam spray probably helps the egg pop right out. and creamy cheese gets soft with just a little bit of heat!

i think a ramekin would work perfectly, although i'm currently working with those plastic microwaveable takeout containers.

Monday, February 7

go pats!

i love super bowl sunday. because this is the day when the MOST guacamole is available and consumed. i LOVE chunky guac. i love SAYING guac. i can't believe that when i was younger...i didn't like it!

not only did i eat guac, i ate it with my crackers. crackers are so easy and so fun. i will make them again and again. and they were so yummy. next time...meebe some curry powder into them. nono, olive oil and rosemary. Ooooo...

and sweet potato pot pie filling with biscuits. this is good. this is gonna be a staple for dinners to come. AND it lasts FOREVER! my repetoire for storable dinners is slowly expanding. soups last well, too.

today was SO warm. high 40's! unbelievable. :D

Sunday, February 6

so i made these crackers

i added some rye flour

some coarsely ground pepper

and they're really yummy

i made them to bring to a super bowl party.

can i just keep them?

durn it. i think they would go REALLY well with guacamole, though. or hummus. but of course, I'd rather have it with the guacamole.

Tuesday, February 1

several highlights

1. yesterday was a whooping 23 degree high! no wind chill factor at all. i went for a run. and it was simply gorgeous. the woods are covered in snow and it's perfectly beautiful.

2. 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you haven't watched yet...STOP NOW...

here goes: OMG...did you SEE who they brought back?! i'm tickled pink. and look at all the families that are being broken apart. and sad. Driscoll is hella annoying, but i really hope her kid turns out ok.