peasprout spouts

sharing is caring. food is love.

Tuesday, September 23

my friend, melissa: hysterical...

she wants to name her kid after her when her kid gets in trouble, she can yell at her "mom".

mary leah, our canadian, also hysterical:

melissa (who's black), stephanie (who's not), me and mary leah are in the car...

melissa: omg, those are the palest legs i've ever seen.

mary leah (slowly): melissa. that's a WHITE person.


Tuesday, September 16

unbeknownst to me, i have been entered into the mega-battle blog

here i am, pleasantly lost to this geeky world, and suddenly my "reputation" is being called upon.


granted that sharing is caring, and food is love.

but as my mental capacity is severely limited these days....i dunno.

see you in another month, probably.