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Sunday, June 29

o the weather is still ridiculous, but my tolerance level is rising rapidly.

today i had ice cream for dinner (props to grier-fu)

edy's (aka dreyer's) was on sale, half price... thankyouJesus. (today's sermon was about giving props to there)
one scoop of espresso chip, one scoop of chocolate, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a sprinkling of walnuts. i would've gone with almonds if we had access to any, but walnuts will, tankyouJesus for walnuts.

then we watched emeril live (tankyouJesus, that da fu has cable and that she's my friend and cares for me and therefore shares with me. for me) and he was making late night snacks. started with a chocolate milkshake which we felt compelled to make in spite of the ice cream dinner. but we didn't, b/c we lacked oreos. which is okay...
b/c then emeril started making these perfectly gorgeous sandwiches...and then we felt compelled to make grilled cheese sandwiches. but we didn't, b/c it was time for me to go home. which is also okay.

i don't know when it started, but i've been feeling an sort of attraction between me and (should I say it...??)

mr. beef.

b/c before we watched emeril we watched a very silly show called date plate which is hosted by an overly perky host. where DO they find these people?! and one of the girls' dishes was seared filet roulade which kinda tickled my fancy.

pat, it might be time to start preparing for my inaugural meal. it won't be in the near near future, but you'd better think ahead so as to get your research in and not to let me down. just remember, medium rare. i ain't doin' no well done or nuthin', ya hear?

closing note, i thought i ran out of toilet paper...seriously run out, like no more squares, not even the groddy, wrinkled last one. but thankyouJesus, i found the stash in the closet. whew. i won't elaborate on my "back-up" one appreciates those.

Friday, June 27

today was cooler by five degrees. whoop-dee-doo.

how i know it's too hot:

1. when all showers are cold showers... even the morning one.
2. when you go out and bring a sweatshirt with wear indoors.
3. when you put on clothes and think...i'm going to be too hot.
4. when you sweat doing things that normally don't make you standing still.
5. when you aren't hungry...but you open the refrigerator just for the cool air.

o, for a thousand tubs of ice cream...

tomorrow will be cooler yet.

Thursday, June 26


today's high: 98
what it's going to feel like w/ the humidity: 106


why am i not in SF?
why am i not eating ice cream?
why am i not evaporating into the atmosphere?
why am i still wearing clothes?

sorry, if that last comment is too touchy...but i'm actually sweating.

Monday, June 23

back to the grind...

1. today is supposed to hit 88 degrees. God have mercy. at least the humidity is going to be low.
2. i already miss the food. what in the world possessed me to be so far...i already know.
3. skip-bo! grind? what grind?
4. my stomach is NOT adjusting well. but at least the white pizza was SO good.
5. living on the top floor makes for good views. but the stairs. oh, the stairs.
6. watched undercover brother. haha. sho' enuf.
7. pat, girls don't talk about their b.m., but we talked about some pretty gross-you-out stuff. there were almost no limits.

1. standing room only?! two bucks more than general admissions?! ridiculous.
2. i saw this guy who was totally muscled out. he looked like a cartoon. his arms wouldn't touch his sides. i bet his biceps were almost 15 inches around.
3. red sox lost. poopie. their pitcher actually got onto a base. then, he put on his coat to keep his arm warm.
4. he put on his coat twice.
5. baseball could really grow on me. look at all the obnoxious things you get to yell: yeah, take it and like it!

Thursday, June 19

the day's only just begun and i'm already having fun.

1. got breakfast AND a ride to work.

2. my mom's freakin' hysterical. so there's always been this little collection of rocks downstairs. and this morning my mom is commenting on how these ads keep coming and how they have to come with little rocks so they don't get blown away. and so i said, why don't you just throw them away. mom: b/c these are nice rocks. they have to buy them. from home depot or something. see and she shows me the rocks. so she keeps them. and i said: what are you going to do with them? she says: i dunno. i just keep them and meebe one day i will put them somewhere. me: ahahahahahahahaha. meebe this isn't funny to you, but it's funny also b/c it's in chinese. i love hanging out with my mom.

and tonight we get to feast at my granny's. yes.

Wednesday, June 18

adventures at work...

unappreciated comment: "are your glasses thicker since the last time?"
of all the insensitive, obnoxious things to say when you haven't seen someone for a while. it's like asking someone if they've lost weight. HELLO-O.

appreciated comment: "no wonder you're still single, you stupid boobman"
thankyou, florence. i had no words, but my soul is soothed. so there. *phlepp* of course, we didn't tell him that to his face. we're not stupid like that.

Tuesday, June 17


i gave Gifford a haircut meebe about a week and a half ago. on sunday, i was looking at it about 50 feet away and i thought, i think i cut it a little higher than necessary, but it's still passable. so i come to some conclusions:

1. practice makes perfect. i need to cut more hair.
2. my brother is a good guy, he always lets me practice.
3. sometimes you need to step back a little (or a lot) to get the big picture.

today is the first day we're going to eat dinner at home since last Thursday. my mom's on vacation, i think we're having asparagus.

Saturday, June 14

but for the sake of making lists...

i was just thinking about things i want to try before i die.

i wanted to go to the opera. and just a couple of days later, janet asked me if i wanted to go to the opera. well...YES! i don't know what it is, but she just seems to be getting a lot of free tickets. i wish i could take janet everywhere with me. it would be like a magic lamp. every time i wanted to see a live show...boom, free tickets. Cinderella was fun, except i couldn't really read the "subtitles" from our balcony seats. (grier-fu, i want the laser surgery, money is of no consequence...) but it was still enjoyable. But next time, i hope i'm not incredibly bloated during the show. it was unbelievable, like someone wanted to rain on my parade, or pee in my cornflakes.

i wanted to try capoiera, and my coworker was more than happy to take me to class. i would play again.

i want to try hang-gliding...meebe i'll schedule that for august.

i want to finish books which i start. suffice it to say, i've been put to shame by the incomplete reading going on in my life. i can think of five books off the bat:
1. Confessions (St. Augustine)
2. The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)
3. Fast Food Nation (Schlosser)
4. Shapers of American Health Care Policy (Weeks and Berman)
5. Savage Inequalities (Kozol)

in an effort to revive my failing efforts, but expanding appetite, i've started The Nanny Diaries. perhaps a some light reading will get the groove back. or not. i wonder if it's worth it to read so much before i die.

and today, i ate one of the best grapefruits ever. EVER. it was definitely not important to eat this grapefruit before i die. but it was like a taste of heaven.

Friday, June 13

my brother has caved: introduction to his blog.

life's busy. i think i'm almost ready to be back at school, except for that lack of good food. what to do, what to do...

it might be time to put this blog to rest...

Friday, June 6

i was thinking what to blog, what to blog...much has happened.
and then i ate lunch.

lunch was ok. but what was REALLY amazing was the final touch. my mom got these sesame roll candy things from this Korean market that just opened up around the corner. Black sesame. what a wonderous thing God made. i don't know what it is about black sesame vs the white sesame, but it's incredible. the package is not huge, the rolls are about as long as a finger and there are only two black sesame ones. of course, i'm going to try the black sesame ones first. otherwise, it's like reaching for milk chocolate when dark is right in front of you. stupid. but of course, if i eat a whole one, there will only be one other black sesame one to try. sharing is caring, remember? so i cut it in half. soveryverygood. i am tempted to eat the other half.

i can't believe i've deprived the blog of food entries so long. but this weekend is full of good eating. saturday: wedding! sunday: graduation! i have no idea what's saturday's meal will be like, but on sunday we're supposed to be going to an amazing restaurant in Union City. the last time we went, one of the dishes was ingenious. the chef had filleted the fish, cut up and deepfried the bones, pan fried the meat, and then put it back on top of the fish bones with a sauce. i would eat it again. and again.

the following comes in no particular order whatsoever. read at your leisure:

1. janet had free tickets to see "thwak" by the umbilical brothers. hysterical. i'm really appreciating the live show.
2. my sister took us to a senior recital. at one point, it sounded like two violins except that there was only one. incredible. the next time, we intend to find a cello recital.
3. when you take the 152 back up, you can listen to the 80's music cafe on 101.7 It was good until they put on janet jackson something or the other. no fun.
4. picked up the phone at work... Them: you (expletive) idiot! Me: hello? front desk. Them: what? hello. Me: can you hold please? Them: no problem.
5. crepe express on the haight: WEAK. we are NOT going back there.
6. Mike's Roadhouse Cafe at Kettleman City. very cute. excellent sandwiches. they keep entertaining books and games on their tables. our book: What to do if you're surrounded by idiots. something along those lines.
7. managed to take the long but sure way back from Oakland. no Alameda, no getting lost. yay for me. 9 lbs 2 oz.
8. why does everyone want to find nemo? even people who i thought didn't really enjoy cartoon movies are watching it.
9. why does NPR keep telling me about the weather in sacramento? does it really seem relevant to ME?! yes, the world revolves around me...i want to know what the weather is like within a 25 mile radius please. thankyouverymuch.

the end.