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Monday, April 28

a productive weekend.

1. completed prerequisite to increase my chances of advancing nerdy life.
2. completed a purchase to increase my chances of a girly life.
3. completed a viewing to increase my chances being non-nerdy.

in plainer language:

1. i took the MCAT.
2. i bought a dress. first one in like four years. honestly this event is worth a little say. props to my friend, stephanie, who believes in my girly potential. i'm still scared to wear it in public. of all the things to be antsy about. gimme blood, spit, or even urine any day. i can deal. girly dress...Lordhavemercy.
3. i watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. good entertainment.

today's temperatures are going to reach a high of 80s.

Friday, April 25

nonfood adventure...

i thought i could take off the glasses when i putter from the locker room to the pool. oh no. apparently, being blinder than a bat has serious faux-pas liabilities. i've been wearing my glasses right up until the moment i get into da water. today, i thought to make things more efficient, we'll leave them in the locker and get them when i start dressing, after all i don't need to really see anything.

things i need to "see" while at the pool:

1. which lane is free? i made not one, not two, but THREE wrong guesses. First wrong guess is brought to my attention when i finally spot the swimmer about halfway to my end. not bad. Nix the first lane of the pool. Second wrong guess is noted when i hear a tremendous splash and discover that it is because two swimmers are racing madly towards my end of the pool. Nix two more lanes. First two wrong guesses were only minimally embarassing b/c i have not yet entered the pool. However...Third wrong guess is corrected after i unfortunately collide headlong with the other swimmer in the lane. Nix the fourth lane. Finally, i decide that this getting ridiculous. I ask another swimmer who tells me that the last lane is free and not only that, but he's getting out, so i can have his lane. Praise the Lord.

2. which locker is mine? of course i know the number, but i can't actually READ anything that's not less than two inches from my face. Given that the locker numbers are posted about a foot above my head, it is NOT meeting the requirements for my literacy levels. good thing i picked a locker that is next to a locker which has a brown bandanna hanging from its handle. God bless them.

i think i accidentally ate chicken today. whoops. at least it was free.

incremental momentous points.

1. 72 patients at the clinic last night. almost missed on a couple of draws. thankyouJesus, did not have to stick anyone twice.
2. woke up at four am and did not get back to sleep properly. am currently experiencing poopy lack of sleep headiness
3. rice cakes are good toasted with jam. if rice cakes are made again, use less rice and lower temp for longer...who knows.
4. the receptionist loves my smile. so far, it appears to be my one endearing feature. probably b/c it makes me appear less ferocious.
5. dim sum for lunch rescheduled. should invoke leadership qualities when food is involved.
6. ate ice cream sundaes for FREE yesterday. tuition clearly pays off in some ways.
7. decision to move finalized.

Tuesday, April 22

non-food fun:

i taught my first phlebotomy session. i feel like a genius, b/c both my 'students' were able to draw each other's blood. and i made beautiful fake arms from toilet paper rolls, IV tubing, and syringes. MUAHAHAHAHA

i think my professor is sucking me into emphasizing in Health Management and Policy by telling me that i manage my own life well. is that so...?

Saturday, April 19

today was a tremendous day for eating. not only by me, but present company as well...

everything started at the stroke of midnight when we arrived. we were welcomed with freshly baked chocolate cake by Milade as well as ice cream (mint chocolate chip and french silk by Edy's), whipped cream, and hot fudge sauce.

we ended up at B and J's for dessert after lunch. stephanie takes it into her genius brain to order the hot fudge sundae...only instead of ice cream, it's all replaced with cookie dough. this is enough cookie dough to make two dozen cookies. not only that, she convinced a high schooler to eat ridiculous amounts of cookie dough, too. after about seven bites between the two of them, Jamison (the high schooler) says: you know when you've eaten so much that you start shaking?...well, i'm there. yep, he's shaking. by the end our adventures with this kid, he's actually polished off the cookie dough. steph doesn't manage to perform the same trick, but that's ok b/c we baked the rest of her cookie dough which turned into FANTABULOUS cookies which I got to help polish off. excellent.

then after dinner we go to Friendly's unintentionally...and eat ice cream sundaes. then we stop at the grocery store and purchase an ice cream cake by Carvel's which is supposed to be incredible.

the adventures are endless...tomorrow looks bright as well.

Friday, April 18

it's cold again. 40's. it was 80's on Wednesday. what's going on here? we're not supposed to be having reruns of February. that's not how it works around here. at least that's what i was assuming.

it's not Boston in the fall...but Cape Cod will be VERY fun for Easter. I'll get to see the ocean. the Atlantic is not as cool as the Pacific, but hey, i'll take what i can get right now. Everything looks promising. PERK: sunrise service on the beach! Easter egg hunt for grown-ups! or almost grown-up, i don't think i qualify as an official grown-up yet.

Nerdy activities are already decreasing, i went for a swim. The shower: EXCELLENT. the only downside is that it's not a private affair, unless the timing is right. but spacious is nice. you could do tai-chi in the shower. technically. might be time to experiment w/ the range of soaps, shampoos, and lotions. pantene: s'alright. doesn't have "fun" scent, but that's just an aside.

new favorite professor: Dr. Frank. b/c he loves to eat. and we're all going to feast. and b/c SF is his favorite place to eat in the US. and outside of the US: HongKong. and b/c if he wasn't a doctor, he'd be a chef. b/c he agrees that food is love, more or less. i just gotta make sure that he likes avocadoes.

Tuesday, April 15

Future projects as nerdy activities decrease:

1. compile an illustrated collection of my recipes. PERK: baking everything AGAIN!
2. learn more chinese. PERK: self-interest.
3. swim. PERK: HOT shower. good water pressure. showerhead fixed to wall.
4. read. PERK: self-interest.
5. sketch. PERK: fun for me.

Monday, April 14

All sorts of momentous events:

made up my own cookie: chocolate chocolate chip mint cookie. Probably a repeat of something somewhere...but i still feel proud. some tinkering remains to be done, but on whole: above average.

submitted final. THE END of school writing for the year. I was a machine. probably wrote more this whole year than my whole undergraduate life. That makes one nerdiness down, two to go. soon, business here will be done for the time being and i will resume life in California.

you'd think the time change would work in my favor because i keep waking up at five o'clock. oh no. it's only gotten worse. lose points for waking up at four o'clock. and more points for being awake for no good reason in the middle of the REM cycle. what's up w/ that? i need to resume appropriate sleep patterns, it's starting to get embarrassing when i drift off at everything and anything during the day.

Saturday, April 12

am so tired.

thinking i need a new cookie.

hoping that i could be home for the WHOLE summer.

no more nerdiness in a couple of weeks.

time to go play skip-bo...

Wednesday, April 9

new favorite topic: coming home.

so many reasons to go home, i feel like i should make a list lest i ferget to do something while i'm at home.

most popular response to me coming home: YAY!

i can only echo the sentiment. such love.

today is going to be a major eating day. let's prep.

final statement: if you feel that you are in search of wiser words than you find here, i suggest you visit serena's...

Monday, April 7



well, almost. but at least i get to count down to something.

(thank you Jesus...i get to go home)

Sunday, April 6

i want to post something not about food...but that might violate my contract to not post profound comments.

the other thing on my mind is 'how to get back to California' but that could just get whiny and that's no fun. not even for me.

i don't want to be completely frivolous and say nonsense...

all this thinking leads to one conclusion: i need an adventure. a fun one.

b/c doing taxes is not an adventurous activity. albeit it's nice that being so financially challenged means that i don't have file at all, not even for kicks.

Wednesday, April 2

free food continues...
school is amazing. if there is no other reason to appreciate being here, at least free food is available.

my bud and I managed to get some chocolate chip cookies. of course there were options of oatmeal raisin and sugar, but they don't compare.

i also learned that the boston globe keeps excellent archives of its food recipes.

and that the LA times has a lovely food section as well. especially since i found a bread recipe AND a cookie recipe. chocolate chip, no less.

weather report:
today was a pleasant high of 71, but it was pretty much the high of the week, it will be dropping back down now.

tomorrow's free food potential includes cheese, crackers, fruit, and meebe some sweets. and definitely some beverages. see, there ARE benefits to attending Grand Rounds. i've actually almost been motivated to attend due to the hope of free food at the end. and let us note: QUALITY free food as well.