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Friday, December 26

i love being home because i love harassing Gifford and Hannah.

Today, he was taking care of a bloody nose.
and i was making faces over his shoulders.
which i thought was great fun already.

but then, my sister decides to join the fun and she says,

what happened?
did you pick your nose too hard?


Wednesday, December 24

it's an odd sort of thing...
but i don't get to cook as much b/c there's always enough leftovers to last awhile.
and we keep eating at my grandma's.
but i can't bring myself to bake bread, b/c there's already so much carbs around...

we're already out of butter
but those two packets of yeast are calling to me...

*here i am...use me...*

Monday, December 22

i'm struggling to not be jet-lagged as much as possible.
but may not be worth my efforts.

i'm trying very hard to stay awake for the christmas program,
but let's face's like 11:30pm in my little, unadjusted brain...
and the senior pastor is preaching w/ an interpreter.
i can barely follow him when i'm awake. he's so obtuse, anyways.

anyways, i decide that if i'm going to close my eyes, at least i'll stay very upright.
better to try to conserve energy w/ dignity that to be caught with the highly noticeable and self-depreciating forward nod.
that's my theory anyways.

however, at the end of the service, my brother tells me he saw me dozing anyways. when you're in the choir, it's a sort of advantage point for picking out the sleepers. and then he tells me that our grandma who was sitting to my right, had completely let her head fall back and mouth hang out, to sleep with no shame next to me. WELL, NOW.

i do love sitting with my grandparents. esp when my grandpa catch my grandma being herself and we get to laugh at her.

Friday, December 19

i love reading the newspapers on the plane.
perhaps that's hugely nerdy and smacks of bachelor-ness,
but i learned that Daly City is one of the top five cities in American with the greatest number of immigrants.
well, now.

my littlest cousin is ve-ry cute. i get this big hug and a "i MISSED you....a LOT!"
aww....i think i'm melting...

my brother leaves me a txt msg:
then all the people left, each for his own home, and David returned home to bless his family. 1 Chr 16:43

Tuesday, December 16

2 days.

yesterday was productivity day.
today was eat well with our professor day.
and realizing how much work there still lies ahead of me day.
I just decided to crank out 20+ pages of my thesis over break...why?!

happier thoughts...
i ate 7 slices of pie over the weekend.
granted they were small slices.
but my roommate graciously pointed out to me that i essentially ate a whole pie.
well, now.
not bad, i guess.

Saturday, December 13

5.5 days.
home sweet home.

what luck to be in Cape Cod one more time before going home.
homemade apple pie, pear pie, sugar cookies, russian tea cakes, toffee candy.
and one day, i will live much closer to the water...
philly is too far away.

how unfortunate that i still have an exam to work on, essays to write, and the thesis, of course.

i watched "How to Deal" the other mandy moore movie. the only good thing in that is the grandma who smokes pot. she's lovely. everyone else...nofun.
we should've rented "Bend It Like Beckham" instead.

Friday, December 12

we (my roommate and I) are momentarily in CT.

so there's this alarm clock which has a red light on it.
if you press the snooze button the screen lights up so you can tell time in the dark.
of course, i am blinder than a bat w/o my glasses, so i can't see crap, unless it's inches from my face.
(at that distance, it'd better NOT be crap in front of my face, though.)

i wake up in the middle of night and have to grope for my glasses, grope for the itty-bitty clock, to know what time it is.
5:15 am.
i lie back in bed whaddya know.
that little red light actually has a very cool's a laser which projects the time onto the ceiling.
before glasses...a red blob on the ceiling. after glasses: 5:16 am.

i could really want a clock like that...except i see have to put on my glasses to see the time.
i think i'll stick w/ the little analog that i tote everywhere.
the hands glow in the dark and all i have to do is put it 2 inches in front of my face and i know what time it is.
this is only for the convenience of waking up at the buttcrack of dawn.
which i do fairly often, so apparently this is the most cost-effective method.

Thursday, December 11

1 week.

I would like nothing better than to curl up in my little bed and ferget about my thesis.
but until then, i persist in my bachelor life...
sleeping in a sleeping bag.
eating over the sink.
living out of my suitcase.

at least i don't pee standing up...just yet.

Tuesday, December 9

i love bleeding the radiators.
there's nuthing to it. and it just makes me feel like i'm doing some housekeeping i suppose.

we're supposed to hit 50s tomorrow. that will make all the snow we got over the weekend melt. :(
and then we will get very cold 20s...and that will make everything turn to ice. :(

I love it when i look at the weather forecast and I can see the weather for when I fly home...
o the work that still needs to be done. :(

Monday, December 8

my roommate stephanie offers intuitive, witty insight into my life.

i'm a bachelor.
i'm not even girly enough to be a bachelorette.

she's going to write to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and petition to have me on their show.
meebe i should revamp this blogsite to: My Life as a Bachelor
and make note of my shortcomings.

Tuesday, December 2

i have to go to Seattle.

time to find a traveling companion...or two.

Monday, December 1

i'm sick.
i hate being sick.
i hate feeling like i'm running in slo-mo.
at least my nose is not a faucet. that is the worse.

I can't wait to get out of here.
I'm thinking of flying stand-by on wednesday if i can...
screw the ECC mtg.
stupid, over-developed sense of responsibility.

pies...they are my next field for conquest.
words are not enough to describe the marvelous dining experiences from the weekend.
i met someone who grinds her own flour. tempting...