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Monday, March 29

having the sibs around induces family-style dinner...

1. fish...dressed in the classic "Asian" style...
2. green beans and tofu in garlic black bean sauce
3. bok choy stirfried w/ garlic
4. bean sprouts w/ onions drizzled w/ sesame seed oil
5. soy sauce chicken.

and of course, dessert...

foo jook tong shui

other adventures also occurred

Wednesday, March 24

today's adventure...

the pool is officially GROSSING me out...
so i decide to try working out on the elliptical machine instead.
3 minutes into it...i think...i'm SO not prepared to do more of this...
but 3 minutes is not enough to constitute anything remotely close to a workout
so i persevere.
at 6 minutes, i'm thinking...i have to cut this short...and stop looking at the clock.
at 8 minutes, i'm thinking...Praise Jesus...I'm almost done.
at 9 minutes, i counting down the seconds and wishing they'd past faster.
at 10 minutes, my legs are like jelly and my heart is racing faster than when i'm in the pool.

but i guess i'm a glutton for punishment...i think i'll go back tomorrow for another 10 minutes.

Thursday, March 4

off to the Dominican Republic I am.
to see prayer requests try here

Wednesday, March 3

so i have to sit in these education coordinating committee meetings with the faculty.
and most of time, i don't have a whole lot to say.
generally, it's fairly dull.
of course, when things aren't interesting...i start drifting off.
except there's no one to keep me awake.
so i do battle on my own.
today, i was proud that i didn't actually fall asleep.

thankfully, the program coordinator who takes notes at these meetings tells me that i can sit next to her and she will make sure i stay awake.

this is good b/c at the last mtg, the dean came and talked on and on and i was sitting right across from her...