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Thursday, December 9

It's a little tragic...that i have no desire to bake bread with store bought yeast anymore.

I'm completely addicted to this ultra pure sourdough that my professor has got me baking.

desem is made from a lengthy process of freshly ground whole wheat flour, water, and salt. each Friday, I get a bit of starter from him...and they make beautiful, beautiful loaves. I'm entirely enamored. I can't even look at other bread recipes. They just don't hold the same appeal. I know they won't be as awesome.

well...all the more reason to look forward to fridays...

Friday, December 3

this post isn't so much for my readers, as it is for steph...or shall i say...DR. STEPH.

at any rate, you'll have to do this, too...only probably w/ an Ishtak. whereas, i get to learn w/ B.

so what did i learn this thursday? how to do a testicular exam.

yeah, there aren't really any euphemisms around that really...

and what did i look at today in anatomy lab? the insides of the intestines. and yeah, there are some pretty interesting things there as well. but i just looked, i didn't have to touch. b/c the colon, even though it is empty for the most's not.

well, moving on...

Wednesday, December 1

today in lecture, we watched the inside of a dog as it's GI tract proceeded to throw up. it's really incredible.

today in lab, we stuck our hands into intestines, greasy ones... don't want to know where i'm sticking my hands

even I don't want to know. but i have to know.