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Wednesday, July 28

all the time, i'm trying to follow this concept of Thoreau: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

but in anticipation of moving cross country again, i just feel the whole concept slipping further and further away.

not fair. i'm not asking for much, am I?!

somewhere there should be a magic button that I can press...and tada...all done.

if only, if only.

enough of such futile thinking...i'm gonna EAT something

Monday, July 12

honestly, tonight is a "granny-moment" night.

ONE: i get online and almost ferget to take the bread out of the oven. it doesn't burn thankfully, but now, it's cooling on its side...looking sorta idiotic, but SMELLING something FIERCE. in a GOOD way.

TWO: i open a new window online...and can't remember where i wanted to my disappointment. it dawns on me that I was headed for and then am promptly appalled that THAT was where i spaced out on going to. sigh...i'm a delinquent fan. sorry, boys. and sorry that our five-game winning streak had to come to a halt. but no worries...LET'S TAKE THOSE ANGELS...and give them HELL.

(can i say these things?)

Wednesday, July 7


Saturday, July 3

today's adventures consisted of another excursion to SBC park, Section 304, Row 10, Seat 14.

it was fun to make use of my FastPass
it was fun to laugh at Janelle's speed walking and "tardy" speech
it was fun to spot Red Sox fans and hear LET'S GO RED SOX LET'S GO!


it was no fun that the Giants lost.
it was no fun that my garlic fries wasn't that great of a batch.
it was no fun that it got windy and cold at the end

and tonight i'm going to salve my pain by baking from the Bread Bible. my brother is so pleased that he's coming with me to get organic rye flour or whole wheat flour. here's hoping that he can wait two weeks for a sourdough starter to grow. and here's hoping that the starter will actually grow the way it's supposed to.


Friday, July 2

usually i love my paper, but it's really hard to face the front page when derek jeter is all over it...even if it IS all beat-up.

today, on my way back to the dungeon, these two little girls in pink were selling lemonade and cookies. they only came up to my waist, so that tells how tiny they were.
but i abided by steph's rule to always buy lemonade from little kids. and for a buck, it was about the funnest thing that happened to me during the day.
i was tickled pink.
AND it was a chocolate chip cookie, too.

Thursday, July 1


Ortiz?! what's up w/ YOUR GLOVE? please, it's not the GLOVE.

after Wakefield did such a GREAT job in the first six innings.

but on a more uplifting note...lemme introduce you to a couple of budding Boston fans...