peasprout spouts

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Saturday, August 30

i love hanging out w/ my grandma.
esp when she laughs so hard her teeth come loose.
my goal is to get her to laugh so hard, they fall out.
i think that would be pretty funny.

Wednesday, August 20

i was ready to give this all up, but then the most hysterical things happen...

generally, i'm not considered a klutzy kid. my depth perception is just fine, etc. etc.

today, i was at trader joe's w/ my mom and sister. and we were looking at cheeses. unbeknownst to me, this lady put her handcart down next to my feet. I turned, tripped over her cart, and in putting my hand out to steady myself....i totally grabbed her ass. (why use euphemisms here, i've already completely lost my dignity.) yep, you read that right. she was leaning over to pick something up, so of course she shot up and i apologized profusely and we both kinda laughed it off.

but o how we REALLY laughed in the car...

what a life. i think God really enjoyed setting up that moment.

Saturday, August 9

6 hours of flight time and no meal.


surrounded by little kids w/ greasy BK fries and burgers.


staving off hunger pangs w/ sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and a cookie.


wireless access at the airport.


camp in less than 24 hours.


meebe IHOP post-flight. whole wheat. i'm fixated on whole wheat products.


Wednesday, August 6

Trader Joe's is opening in Philly!

what a blessing.

Today is another free eats day, though.

Breakfast : free bagels, etc. ok
Lunch: we walk in through the door of my dept and promptly get offered two free lunches.
Dinner: who knows, but i don't have to buy it.

and then, i will come home and eat well. whew. about time.

Monday, August 4

an abundance of observations and occurences to blog about, but none rise to the forefront.

therefore, may those fastidious events be lost to posterity in deference of a mundane announcement from SPITWAD:

**No exceptions to applicants will be offered at this time.

end of story.

Friday, August 1

with the contributing efforts of a fresh Mary...

we are now officially the Society for the Preservation of the Instructing and Training of Winers And Diners. (SPITWAD)

Interested applicants must:

1. Submit a quality menu or dining establishment which reflects his or her current beliefs and practices of wining and dining.

2. Schedule an "inter-meal" with active members of the society to determine their passion for wining and dining.

Should an applicant pass the review board and receive an invitation to join the organization they must propose a title for themselves which appropriately describes their contributing responsibilities and position in the society.

Exceptions to the application process must submit their appeal to the directors.