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Thursday, October 30

last night was the international dinner at church.
it was pretty good considering the fact that someone brought hotdogs to represent America.

my roommate's sister asked me if I could eat only Chinese food for the rest of my life.
She said she didn't think she could eat American food for the rest of her life.
i thought about that....
I think i could do anything except American food for the rest of my life.
Japanese...checkCHECK (i can't resist's a major reason to still eat seafood.)

at any rate, someone brought mac and cheese in a crockpot. whoa, nellie. that was some GOOD mac n' cheese. generally, i show little to no love for the mac n'cheese. it must've been the cheese. well, it can only BE the cheese. how does the MAC really contribute to the dish. except for not being too squishy.

houseguests have really contributed to the quality of victuals in our house:
homemade applesauce made w/ quality washington apples. i never knew applesauce could touch the soul like that. it's good when it makes me want to make it so i can eat it again....and again...and again.

and also contributed to the quantity of alcohol...
apparently you can't just get a six pack from this beer store. you have to buy a case. (in PA, you can't get your liquor at the grocery store) so we are currently stocked w/ Sam Adam's Oktoberfest. which i have to report is quite good. i never knew that i could enjoy beer. but so i do. only when it's free.

how's that for reentry onto the blog? Do i make it back on the BCS?

Monday, October 27

free breakfast!

who knew all the food insecurity issues i would experience as a student...

less than two months...and i shall be less insecure about where my next meal is coming from.

AND...grady little, the red sox manager, is being fired. ha.

Thursday, October 23

after my heart has been broken by the red sox loss...i find that life moves on.

what should i be for halloween?

my roommates propose:

1. the naked chef
2. mr. peanut

i laughed.

Wednesday, October 15

o red sox...why must you play when i cannot watch.
o yankees...why must you put up a fight.
o cubs...why did you let the marlins take 8 runs.
o marlins...why are you still in the running.

and to foster my feminine side...

o dress... why must you cost more than my entire savings account.
o other dress... why must you cost more than my rent.
o pretty dress... why don't i have a sugardaddy to indulge such facetious fantasies.

Monday, October 6

Today is my bro's birthday.

it is my duty as a sister to proclaim it to the world.


Friday, October 3

free food this week:

Pizza: white cheese, sundried tomato, tomato and basil and garlic, cheese and broccoli, cheese and mushroom. not bad.

good food this week:

falafel sandwich at Sahara Grill.
falafel recipe by Moosewood.
Pita bread recipe by Moosewood.
pepper and onion stirfry inspired by Moosewood.
a dan taat from St. Honore's. the GOOD flaky crust.

boring foord this week:
leftover dahl. good, but no longer exciting after the bajillionth eating. very handy to pack for lunch though.

a weird pudding pie. pudding: high pass. crust: low pass.

anticipated: a chocolate cake at Ruby Tuesdays. we are NOT passing up dessert next time.